Empowering Our Heroes with Skills for the Future

Our Story

RPAS Heroes was born out of a deep respect for our nation's service veterans, military personnel, and emergency service professionals. We recognise the wealth of skills and abilities these individuals bring from their time in service - discipline, leadership, resilience, and problem-solving. However, we also saw the challenges they face when transitioning to civilian life and the civilian workforce.

The world is rapidly changing, and the field of technology, particularly Robotics and Uncrewed Systems, is advancing faster than ever. At RPAS Heroes, we saw an opportunity to connect these two realities. We could take the transferrable skills our heroes already possessed and bolster them with technical knowledge and know-how, preparing them for an exciting and growing industry.


Our Mission

Our mission at RPAS Heroes is to equip our service veterans, military personnel, and emergency service professionals with the skills they need to excel in the field of Robotics and Uncrewed Systems. We provide comprehensive training in coding, electronics, operations, and business management, tailored to all skill levels.

We believe in the potential of each individual we work with, and we strive to create an environment that nurtures growth, learning, and confidence. We aim to smooth the transition from service to civilian life and create pathways to meaningful, sustainable employment in a high-demand industry.


Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of experienced educators, industry professionals, and veterans who understand the journey our participants are embarking on. We bring together expertise in Robotics and Unmanned Systems, education, and career transition to offer our participants the support and guidance they need to succeed.


Our Vision

We envision a future where every service veteran, military professional, and emergency service personnel can transition into the civilian workforce seamlessly, equipped with skills that are in high demand. We see a world where our heroes are not just a part of the technological revolution - they are leading it.